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  CORPORATE EVENT ACTIVITIES   MEETINGS & CONFERENCES ARE BORING! We all know how meetings and conferences get boring, long hours of discussion, listening to various speakers and on top of that being in a suit! Being a part of corporate fraternity we all have faced the agony of being in a meeting or a conference .   But these days the environment of a corporate set-up has changed, companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and many more are opting for more interactive and fun ways to hold meetings for their employee and clients.   As we all are aware that corporate events are sponsored by a company and focuses on either its employees or clients. Seminars, team building events, trade shows, product launches, etc. they all comprise of Corporate Events. Increasing engagement at your event will not only will help you sell your product or services in a better form but it will leave a lifelong impression on your target audience as well.   So, here are few unique and timel

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