Experiential Wedding Ideas

Experiential Weddings- Turing your Event into an Experience

Everyone has a story to tell. There is no better way to share the story of your romance, your distinct personalities, and the things you cherish most, by creating experiences that reflect them. Today, weddings are not what they used to be earlier, which infact is not bad. Traditionally in our Hindu culture, the brides family decided upon the venue, themes, flowers and favors. They were responsible for deciding and putting the wedding together. However, with change in times, the couple is far more likely to be engaged in the planning of their wedding. Both the individuals have the liberty to showcase their personalities and share their history in the making of their wedding. 
With the ever changing trends and concepts that skim through the wedding industry, it sometimes becomes difficult for the couple to decide on what they really want. Festal Events LLP is always welcoming and ready to help our clients with ideas that are more focused on their personalities and traits. We spend more time with our clients and get to know them more. Experiential Weddings are in trend and feels like a unique experience to one and all. The concept is a simple one — but getting it right is tricky!
An experiential wedding is one where the guests are not merely onlookers, but active participants in the day’s festivities.  This doesn’t mean that attention is no longer centered on the happy new couple. Instead it is a way of making guests feel more involved in the proceedings. It can be done at the back of your home, in a small lawn, by the side of a river or lake, in a forest, or even in the midst of trees and other natural surroundings. The idea is that we can enhance our beautiful surroundings and give our wedding a unique feel and charm. Unique, as it will let people gaze through the new concepts and ideas that have been laid at your wedding, and charming because your wedding will be a reflection of your personality and will be cozy and a loving affair with your near and dear ones.
As wedding planners, Festal Events LLP will help you bring your vision alive by creating something totally extraordinary. We will weave threads of wonder in the existing palette that nature has offered us and create a stunning backdrop for your wedding vows. All you need to do is take a step out of the box to plan the celebration of your lifetime- avoid ordinary and incorporate extraordinary. Breathtaking details, awe-stuck entertainment and more. 
Here are 5 suggestions that will elevate your wedding so that it’s not only an event, but also an encounter your guests will remember forever.
1) Select your Venue Wisely
The Venue is always the highlight of the wedding. It either spoils or enhances ones mood. The Venue holds the major experiential factor. One should move away from mainstream ideas of hotels and five star resorts, and choose something simple, more grounded or even nature inspired. It could be a temple wedding,  a forest wedding, a wedding at a hill station by the side of a water body or even at your own house backyard. You can incorporate your personality while choosing the venue too. You could opt for a cozy, warm and close to heart surrounding or even a loud, attractive and energetic one.  

2) Set a Tone & Create a Mood
Every event has an underlying concept and to bring that concept to reality might be tricky. Due to the Covid situation, intimate weddings are a go to reality. Which is why we have smaller guestlists. However, with a smaller guestlist, you can create stronger experience for every individual guest. A simple idea of ending the night with a personalized note or bring local elements to give your friends and family to feel the real taste of the local area can bring a huge difference. It illustrates gratitude, adds a customized touch, and provides a special way to say thank you for being a part of your big day. Simple ideas, yet filled with emotions. Creating a mood will reflect the ideology of your wedding. Example- if you wish to have a traditional Indian style wedding, ensure an abundance of Indian flowers like marigold or rajanigandha or champa that will enhance the look of your venue and guests will relate to your vision better.

3) Showcase your personalities with experiential elements
Food and Beverages are an important part of experiential elements, and a small guest list can help you to make it a great experience for each and everyone present. You can splurge onto a divine food menu and personalized menu for your guests. You can personally sit with your caterer and decide on every dish. Personalizing crockery and cutlery, have name tags and great tablespaces will help you give unexpected surprises to your beloved guests. 
If you love music, incorporate a vinyl record station into the cocktail hour where your guests can select the next song: jukebox style. Surprise them in the most unlikely places. Place a hair-and-makeup touch-up area, complete with professional hairstylists and makeup artists, in the ladies’ room.

4) Guest Interaction
Before the Functions for your wedding begin, arrange a cocktail party for your guests. It need not be fancy and luxurious, but your attendees will feel welcomed and will give them a chance to meet someone new before the festivities begin. You could even host a moonlight activity the evening before the big day. An engaging guided tour will share all sorts of secrets and facts about your location while your friends and relatives enjoy local beverages and bites of cuisine.
Think pool parties, champagne brunches, rehearsal dinners, wine tasting, nearby treks or visits to the surrounding area, cycling trips in the countryside, team games, yoga, massages, relaxing time.
Guest interaction is key. You can give bespoke gifts as return gifts, small individual wedding favors, have food stations, have special entries to your function, tell stories of your guests, have bonfire night, DIY stations, photobooths, GIF booths, personal bartenders, maybe a movie night, pajama parties, create a treasure hunt… there are a myriad possibilities.

As you begin to plan, think about the progression of the event and how your guests will feel throughout each part of the day as they transition from one function to the next. Make it personal and find unique ways to include custom touches that will allow your guests to connect with you and with one another. Decor is going to be the essential element to convey your vision of the wedding. The decor can have your favourite flowers, your special colors, small personal details, family photographs, pictures of your guests, rustic elements, lots of candles and twinkling lights.
Such small special details that go a long way in translating your dream wedding to a reality. Including these inspired components will be sure to turn your event into an unmatched experience and create lasting memories.

We at Festal Events LLP follow these major 5 rules to ensure a spectacular wedding that has a lot of soul and a lot of thoughtfulness behind it. These are however just the basic rules one can follow. Once you connect with us, we help you with a lot more than you will ever think of. Feel free to get a consultation from us. We are a call away


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