Weddings during Pandemic

Things to keep in mind before attending a wedding during the covid-19 pandemic
Never in our lives had we imagined that the Covid-19 pandemic would cast a shadow for more than a year over our celebrations. How long can a wedding be postponed?, is the question that still haunts us. In a country like India, where every celebration is planned on a large scale, people are not being able to live their routine lives. The pandemic has refurbished the big fat Indian Weddings into Intimate weddings. We at Festal Events LLP are still trying to make the best out of it. We understand that will less resources allowed by the government and few guests attending the wedding, your dream wedding might not be fulfilled, however, the enthusiasm should remain the same.
If you would be planning to attend a wedding during the pre-covid era, we would help you with deciding the best designers in town, modern and trendy makeup idea and artists, and gifting options. Since we all are battling the same virus, we have to priorities some other aspects and factors. Ever since the pandemic has begun, we worry more about the precautions that we can take and decide how safe it is to attend the wedding. Festal understands your situation and wants you to be aware of the precautions one should take while planning to attend a wedding.
We totally understand how one goes through a number of emotions and feelings while deciding whether to attend the wedding or not, and it is absolutely non-negotiable. Those mixed feeling of happiness you have for your loved one getting married while the compelled fear of being prone to infections and the virus. There is always a possibility of getting exposed to the infection no matter how many precautions you take, therefore, always plan well before you decide to attend a wedding.
For your ease we have jotted down some important factors that need to be taken care of while planning to attend a wedding during the pandemic.
1) Do not attend the wedding if you show any symptoms of Covid-19
We understand the joy and happiness one goes through when they hear about their loved one getting married. However, it is important to make sure that you do not be responsible for someone else’s infection. Take a step back from the wedding celebrations, even if you show the slightest covid-19 symptom.
2) Get yourself tested before being a part of the wedding celebration and also before leaving for your house.
Hasn’t getting tested become a vital art of our life routine? We really cant emphasize any more on the importance of getting tested. This will not only ensure your safety, but also all the people coming in contact with you. All the members attending the wedding, including the bride, groom, their immediate family, other relatives and even the vendors should get tested.
Also, make sure that on-site testing is available. We at Festal make sure that we provide testing for all the guests before they leave the venue after the wedding gets over. This assures that you are not infected and therefore will not transmit any virus to your family back home.
3)Refrain elderly people from attending the wedding
Usually Elderly people at home suffer from underlying diseases and therefore become prone to the infection. No wedding is complete without the blessings of the elders of the family. However, covid-19 is much dangerous than we think. Precaution is always better than cure. We can always connect with the elders through video calls and let them attend the wedding via the same. Festal Group too advices the elderly especially who have underlying diseases to avoid any sort of gatherings to stay away from coronavirus complications.
4)Keep Sanitizing
Guess who our new bestfriends are? Sanitizers! Make sure you keep sanitizing and avoid touching unnecessary objects. Every wedding has sanitizing corners, however we would recommend you to always carry a personal sanitizer. Use it often!
5) Do not remove your masks!
We all have been put to habit of wearing a mask. We understand that sometimes your outfit might not accept your mask, but safety is the to priority. Wear a mask while attending all wedding functions. For max safety, wear double masks!
6)Practice Social Distancing
Make sure that you don’t stand or sit vey close to other guests, Your safety lies in your hands. Practice social distancing as much as you can. Leave the hugs and hand shakes for when the situation will get better. There are situations when social distancing cannot be followed. For such situations, wear a mask and sanities regularly.
7) Always carry an extra Mask
Just in case your mask falls off, or you feel it is getting dirtier, keep an extra mask handy. It might help for someone who is in need too. During all the weddings that Festal Events has planned during the pandemic, we made sure that extra masks, sanitizers and tissues were kept at various corners of the venue just in case anyone needed them.
8) Don’t let your excitement bring along your entire family for the wedding
During this pandemic era, people should understand, the lesser the better. You can plan get togethers once the situation gets better. However, Right now it is advisable for only the healthiest to travel.
9) Do abide by the rules of the government
Make sure you follow the rules that the government has issued for the wedding industry. Do not invite more guests than the guidelines showcases. If there are lockdown restrictions in your city, apply for a movement oases for smooth travel and avoid getting fined.
10) Due to the current situation, if you are unable to attend the wedding, worry not. You can always connect with the couple at their ceremonies through video call or send a heartfelt message. You can also send a gift for the couple!
Calculate all the risk and decide accordingly. Your decision is the last decision, stick to it. Festal Events LLp assist you and your guests to enjoy the functions without stressing about the virus. We are here to help you.


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